Island Park Ministry Team - IMPT

Little Church in the Pines

The Island Park Ministry Team (IMPT) provides weekly ecumenical worship services each Sunday during the summer season at 10 a.m. at the Little Church in the Pines, in Island Park, Idaho. A Christian minister is hired for the summer season.

The Little Church in the Pines was built as a shared place of worship and was dedicated on July 6, 1941. This is the Regional Council's oldest continuing program, originally developed as a mission project by First Lutheran Church with support from the regional Lutheran church in 1965. It came under the administration of the RCCM in 1968. Various churches support the weekly services from Memorial Day through September each year by attending and providing music, refreshments, ect. The attendance averages about 108 people per week during the summer. The organizational leadership of the this Committee rotates among the RCCM's member churches. The Little Church in the Pines is now open year round - services are at 11:00 a.m. during the winter months.

Should you plan to visit Island Park, please come as you are and worship with us!

4100 South Big Springs Loop Road
Island Park, ID 83429
(208) 558-9394
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There is currently a plan to expand on the Little Church in the Pines.